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Celebrate Spring with a Camping Trip

You’re invited to join us at Virginia Beach KOA campground and RV park, where camping and nature are celebrated to the fullest. Now that winter is past and spring is in full swing, embrace the warmer season with a family vacation at our place, which is a mere 2 miles from white sandy beaches and breathtaking ocean views.

Onsite recreational activities include swimming, games, and competitive sports, while offsite entertainment options include all the attractions of the city of Virginia Beach. Additionally, opportunities to get acquainted with your fellow campers are available through ice cream socials. Most importantly of all, you will be able to deeply relax and enjoy a reprieve from the constant distractions and intrusiveness of our electronic age.

Spending quality time with family in the great outdoors will foster emotional renewal and create lasting memories that you’ll cherish for years to come. Visit our website and make your reservations today.